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» "In retrospect that was stupid " - The working title of my memoir.
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» Rose D'Alember|Finland|24 y.o|Co-ruler of La Bande A Bonnot|FC: Madelaine Petsch|TAKEN
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» -Contest Winners -
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» Вашите въпроси
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» Съобщения
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» look into my eyes, tell me what you see.
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Списък със заети и свободни дарби

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Писане by Nehemia on Съб Мар 09, 2019 1:27 pm


Списък със заети и свободни дарби Tumblr_oj58i0zuKg1vm3q61o1_540

Като за начало ще ви помолим да се възползвате от свободните дарби, когато свободните бъдат изчерпани ще е възможно дублиране на дарбите. Ако все пак държите да притежавате дарба, която вече е заета - може да се свържете с администратор и да обсъдите въпроса.
Ако искате да запазите дарба за бъдещия си герой, може да го споменете докато запазвате лик или като съобщение до администратор.

Absolute Restoration [The ability to restore everything back to it's natural state]
Absolute will [The power to manipulate all of creation using nothing but pure willpower.]
Addiction Manipulation [Reserved]
Anti-Gravitation Manipulation
Adaptive Power Replication [Olivia Grace]
Adoptive Muscle Memory [x] [character]
Air Manipulation  [x][character]
Amalgamation [x] [character]
Animal Imitation [x] [character]
Astral Projection [RESERVE] [x]

Beast Morphing  [x][character]
Blood Manipulation [Esma]
Body Modification [x] [character]
Bone Manipulation [x] [Christoffer]

Canine Physiology [x] [character]
Curse Manipulation [Reserved]
Clairvoyance [x] [character]

Cloaking [x] [character]

Communing [x] [character]

Darkness Manipulation [Christian Balfour]
Dermal Armour [x] [character]
Dark Aura Manipulation [The ability to manipulate the spiritual essence that has been consumed by evil. Negative form of Aura Manipulation. ]
Dermal Weaponry [x] [character]
Data Manipulation [The ability to manipulate data/digital information.]
Disease Manipulation [x] [character]
Defense Manipulation [User can create, shape and manipulate defenses/defensive powers of oneself or others, including augmenting/enhancing, reducing, erasing/removing, negating, shifting, creating it, reversing/switching it, healing it, bestowing it, etc.]
Disintegration [x] [character]
Dream Manipulation [saturnien-] [x]
Demon Manipulation [The user can create demons from nothing. With this ability, they can eventually fashion hordes of a variety of demonic beings to lead against their enemies ]
Desire Manipulation [User can sense and manipulate the desires of themselves, people, animals and other creatures] [darian-]

Earth Manipulation [✵ Weeping-Bloody Mary ✵]

Earth Mimicry [x] [character]

Elasticity [x] [character]

Elemental Beam Emission [x] [character]

Electricity Manipulation [x]

Emotion Manipulation [-imogen-] [Sebastian Ross]  
Energy Construction [x] [character]

Energy Manipulation [x] [character]

Enhanced Combat [x] [character]

Enhanced Intelligence [.lorien s.]

Enhanced Marksmanship [x] [character]

Enhanced Senses [Ethan Bradford]

Fear Manipulation [.katherine karn]

Feline Physiology [x] [character]

Fire Manipulation [Rose D'Alember] [vlad.]

Flight [x] [character][character]

Force Field Generation [x][character]


Healing [Lexie Alton] [x]

Ice Mimicry [Kim Chambers]

Illusion [åstrid øsen]

Intangibility [Elizabet*]

Invisibility [ Jessica Snow]

Invulnerability [x][character]


Kinetic Absorption [x] [character]

Knowledge Manipulation [x][character]

Levitation [x]

Lie Detection [x] [x][character]

Light Manipulation [Persephone Balfour]

Love Manipulation  [x][character]

Magnetokinesis  [x][character]

Magnetic Shield [Dee.]

Matter Control [x][character]

Memory Manipulation [Ophelia Blevins]

Mermaid Physiology [x] [character]

Mind Control[Aelin Julianna]

Mind Manipulation [-Hyde;]

Molecular Manipulation [x][x]

Mental Manipulation [Parallax]



Poisoning [Monica Castello

Pain Manipulation [R. Cole]

Paralysis Inducement [x]

Plant Manipulation [x]

Possession [x] [character]

Post-Cognition [x] [character]

Power Absorption [UᴉPⱯLⱯD PƎɹ ƎꞍꞱ]

Power Detection [x]

Power Mixture [x] [character]

Power Negation [Samntha Broudy]

Probability Manipulation [x]

Probability Vision [x]

Psionic Blast/Inundation [Jonah Dega]

Psionic Manipulation [x] [character]

Psychometry [x] [character]

Pyrokinesis [celestial-]


Reality Warping [x]

Reflection Manipulation [x] [character]

Regenerative Healing Factor [x] [x] [character]

Replication  [Violet Felton]

Self Controlled Power Randomisation [x] [character]

Sense Manipulation [Piers]

Sexual Inducement [Dean Larsen.]

Shadow Mimicry [x] [character]

Shape Shifting  [Sion Aaron]

Siren Physiology [x] [character]

Strong Force Manipulation [x] [character]

Summoning [x] [character]

Supersonic Scream [Savannah Kinley]

Supersonic Speed [x] [x][character]

Supernatural Condition  [x] [character]


Telepathy [Natasha Cross]

Technokinesis [x]

Teleportation [Isabella Chen]

Telepathic Relay [x]

Time Manipulation [Ethan Karn.

Telekinesis [KJ]

Tactile Telekinesis [x]


Vapor Manipulation [x]

Vector Manipulation [x] [character]

Vortex Breath [x] [character]

Water Manipulation [Rhaella]

Weak Force Manipulation [x] [character]

Weather Manipulation [x]

Weapon Creation [x]Cassandra Kinley] [x]




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